from R705 700 (incl.VAT)


It’s not easy improving on perfection. So we’ve just made the most of it. Outstanding style. Blistering performance.

Discover the new Nissan 370z: it’s never looked so good. There’s a curvy road not far from town: it’s the perfect place to hear a dual exhaust bounce 245kW of pure adrenaline off the edge of a cliff. To feel the massive braking power of 355mm front discs as you set up for a tight hairpin turn. The feedback through the wheel and seats as a dynamically balanced chassis just grips and grips and grips. And a perfect downshift thanks to the world’s only rev matching manual transmission. And somewhere along the way, find a scenic turn off and just take in its aggressive new look. Then fire up that legendary V6, stand on the throttle, and you’re gone.


  • 370Z Coupe M/T
  • 370Z Coupe A/T