Herman loves his Nissan Navara (Dentist joins forces with Nissan Navara)

There are many words to describe a person who is a car fanatic, Motor head, Petrol head, Gearhead and then the person that spends too much time with his head under the hood, the Grease monkey. But what would you call a client who is absolutely over the moon happy with a car you sold him? We call him Dr Herman van Duyker, Nissan Navara Super Fan.
As a Nissan dealership, it is our job at Produkta Nissan to sell cars and we obviously enjoy what we do. But sometimes, we have the honour of selling a car to a person that cannot stop singing the praises of his vehicle. Now that is a fantastic feeling!
Dr Herman van Duyker, well known dentist in Nelspruit, bought his Nissan Navara 2.5 TDCI 4×4 double cab from us in March this year. Meet him at the checkout counter in the supermarket and he will again tell you how awesome his Nissan Navara is. Ask him why, and this list follows:
– It fits in seamlessly with his professional life and his private, outdoors loving life.
– As an avid hunter he says his Nissan Navara is as comfortable in the bush as it is on tar.
– It is a bakkie, that drives like a car. In his opinion you will not find a bakkie that equals the ‘soft’ drive.
– The luxurious interior is superb; it is the ultimate juppy 4×4.
– It is economical.
– The Nissan Navara is backed up by the excellent after sales service that Produkta Nissan provides. The sales team are now regarded to be his friends.
Although the current Nissan Navara has come to a victorious run out. We are looking forward, with bated breath, to the Launch of the New, highly anticipated, Navara. The expected launch date is in October. So we expect many more super fans to join Dr van Duyker’s fan club. Watch this space.

Dr Herman van Duyker with his Nissan Navara 2.5 TDCi 4×4, which he loves!


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