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Fun to own. Fun to drive. Fun to hang out in. That’s what a car is all about.

No matter how the world changes, there’s one thing that will never change: the passion we feel for our cars. At Nissan, we share that passion. To achieve a sustainable mobility society, we’re working to develop “green” technologies, including cleaner diesels, efficient internal-combustion engines, and hybrids. Now that passion has brought forth a true breakthrough. Nissan LEAF. A car powered by 100% electricity. A car that uses no fuel and produces zero CO2 tailpipe emissions. A car that will change the way you think about driving. With the support of many global partners, including local governments, and power companies, Nissan, in association with alliance partner Renault, is leading the way toward the creation of the zero emission society we all aspire to. Nissan LEAF. The key to the future of driving.