Lockdown statement

Dear Customer,

With the Covid-19 recently declared a Global Pandemic, we support our President and Government in their decision to lockdown the country.  Produkta Nissan will also go into lockdown.   We will however, where possible, be of assistance remotely.  Most of our key staff will work from home.

Please take note of the following:

Our premises: Will be closed. 

  • Service Delivery


Service Bookings: We will re-open for service and repairs after 16 April 2020.  You are welcome to book your service on  https://produktanissan.co.za/book-a-service/

Test Drives & Sales:  No test drives will be permitted but the world is mobile, so make conatact and let our sales team assist with queries you may have.  Our Sales Manager, Cindy Nieuwenhuizen will galdly put you in contact with someone you can talk to. Call het on 083-708-6140 or cindyn@produkta.co.za

  • Emergency Repairs & Parts


Produkta Motor Group will be vigilant and responsible in carrying out our duties to you, our customer and our staff.  For this reason we wil abide by the rules of lockdown.  In case of an Emergency you may contact Jan Kruger 083-309-2304.

Regards and all the best.


Gerrie Cronje

Dealer Principal – Produkta Nissan



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